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Arthritis pain relief application for sufferers

Arthritis pain relief application for sufferers to help them easily find information and products about the disease. The active ingredient in Australian Dream® is histamine dihydrochloride, which is a vasodilator. This causes the size of the blood vessels to increase which allows greater blood flow to the pain area. Pain relief through increased circulation is not uncommon; the body’s natural response to pain and injury is to increase blood flow to the area. Australian Dream® is odorless, non-irritating and grease-free. The soothing cream is dye-free, grease-free and guaranteed to work, providing arthritis relief without burning or irritation.

The Australian Dream® Promise
The makers of Australian Dream® understand how disruptive pain can be to your active life, so they have sought to develop pain relief products that are different. This understanding and commitment to developing unique, effective pain relievers has helped Australian Dream become a leader in topical pain relief.

Every Australian Dream product is developed to relieve pain without the unpleasant qualities and potential side effects of many other topical pain relievers. Australian Dream products have no odor, no greasy residue and no burning effect on the skin. Best of all, every Australian Dream product is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

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